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Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation policy is used by almost all service providers all over Europe in order to minimize no shows.

Bookings cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the agreed date and time will not be charged. Bookings cancelled within the last 48 hours prior to the agreed date and time will be fully charged. If you are arriving onboard a ship and your ship does not dock, due to bad weather or for any other reason, then you will not be charged. Let it be noted that, if your cancellation date is over TWO (2) months away from your reservation date, It has been known for third-party providers such as credit card companies, PayPal, etc. to charge a levy fee usually somewhere between 2-4%.

Change & Cancellation

Please note that alterations or cancellations should only be made via email (info@vforvan.com) in order for them to be valid. As our services are personalized we would appreciate it if you notify us if any changes were made as soon as possible.